Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend goal and dreams

Here are our goals for this coming week (and we have lots!):
Local people, we have a giveaway ending tomorrow night for a free prom tux rental from JD's Tuxes in Fieldale VA. This is an $80 value, and I know there are tons of local boys going to the two high school proms in our county next month. Someone will win it Sunday night!

Also for the locals, we are doing a brunswick stew and yard sale Saturday March 31st. Stew is $7 a quart, and will be ready at noon. We are making 200 quarts, and we still need orders for 130 quarts. It freezes great, and will taste so good on a chilly and rainy April night! Yard sale starts at 8:00, and we have had donations from several families, so it should be a good one! My youngest is also doing a lemonade stand, and she is SO excited about it!

One more local event real quick. We are doing a soccer benefit day Sunday April 15th at the Smith River Sports Complex in Axton VA. I need 11 players for Team Sam!! We can't let Team Tory win the thing by forfeit!! Check out Clever play on words there by our own Martinsville's Cheerleader (and official cheerleader for Team Sam!), who also does the blog at This site has been instrumental in getting the word out about the boys orphanage and as a result of so many people praying, 7 of the 15 kids listed from there have already have families committed to them! We need the other eight families. Also, from a different orphanage, Laurel. She is running out of time!! She has a limited time to find a family, just like Sam and Duncan, and desperately needs a family. She has a huge grant already, so you just need to have paperwork started, you're halfway there with funding already!! Look at this sweet girl! Is she yours?

The giveaway for the iPod Touch is still going on, and we're getting lots of entries for it. It ends April 4th, and you can donate or share my blog on FB for entries. Can we hit $1400 by then? You can donate to the FSP so it will be tax deductible, and still be entered in the drawing. Just send me a comment or email letting me know that you donated there, and we'll get you entered. (I use the term WE very loosely. Dave's participation in all of this is looking up the two sites each night and giving me an update. Like I don't check it 15 times a day. Oops, forgot he reads the blog too, shhh!)

Our FSP goal was to be at $1000 by Sunday night. Right now we are just $110 away from that. We have a donor that is matching all funds up to $2000, if we can get there by April 4th. Can you help us reach both goals? We've had so many people emailing and saying, we're sorry that we can only give $5. Don't be sorry!! We appreciate each and every donation the same, whether it's for $5 or $100. It's knowing that you took money that you could easy spend on something else, but chose to help the boys instead. If you haven't been in this situation, you have no idea what it means to get an email from a complete stranger, offering their encouragement, prayers and support. It means the world to us. It really does. I don't know how to properly express my thanks. I know you aren't doing it for the thanks, but still...

And I mentioned dreams, didn't I? Have to tell you about my dream last night. I dreamed (dreamt? I don't know when to use which) that I found Sam on Facebook. I could see all of his postings, which were written in  his language, but with convenient translations into English. Weird, I know. But in my dream, he was having a conversation with a friend about how bad he wants a family and how his birthday is coming up and it will be too late. It was not a happy dream. I know we won't get there before his birthday, and doubtful we will get there in time for Duncan's. Ohh, have I told you the really cool thing about his birthday? He shares his birthday with one of my daughters, and my cousin is due ON THE SAME DAY with her first child! Is that not insane? Very blessed day indeed!

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