Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back up! Maybe!

Ok, think I have it back up. Won't know for sure until someone donates. Not that I'm hinting around or anything!  Well, maybe I am. Just a little. We are currently working on fundraising for our facilitator fees. $8500 left to pay on that, ouch! I know we'll get there though. Donations here are not tax deductible, since you are being entered to win the iPod Touch. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, you can click here. See, I'm learning how to do this bloggy stuff. I still need a blogging for dummies book though. I hope to have the Team Duncan design by Friday, so that we can start taking orders. I do know they will be white with a jade green butterfly on the back, and Team Duncan on the front. Working with Freedom Prints to get the design just right, and I know they will do a beautiful job. If you're local, be sure and check them out on Facebook!

No big words of wisdom tonight for you, my brain has done all it can do today. I'm surprised I can keep a sentence going. Here's a good one for ya. Last night our girl scout troop was tie dying t-shirts. A lot of fun, and my hands are still stained today! Almost every time I tried to say the words "rubber bands", the word "band-aid" came out instead. I got some really weird looks. Leaving with that thought tonight!

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