Saturday, March 10, 2012

Much needed break

Today I had to switch gears from future soccer mom (I'll finally be one! lol) back to Girl Scout leader. Well, co-leader, our fearless leader K is awesome!! Plans were to to travel two hours to a different part of the state for a dog sledding event. Well, the event organizer didn't show up, she FORGOT! The dogs did though, and the troops there pulled together and still had a great day. The moms all wound up playing on the playground with the girls (will insert embarassing photo of me almost falling off the slide soon!). It was a very relaxing day that I really needed. Got to spend time on the ride with my bestest friend A. We don't seem to get to spend enough fun time together, so it was nice to have 4 hours of riding time to catch up. As much as we could with two chatty 9 year olds in the back seat, that is! I knew I was tense, but didn't realize just how bad. Swinging on the playground swings with my daughter was just what I needed. I did accost a group of strangers in Wendy's though. Saw a vehicle out in the parking lot that had advertising all over it, with a set of numbers, a Bible verse, and other stuff. Thought, hmm, a radio station maybe? Free advertising for our fundraiser, yet? No. It was a young man who rides motorcross, and his sponsor is a Christian clothing company. Very nice young man, late teens, early twenties maybe. C and I shared our stories about adopting with them (See for her story!!) and asked them to share our blogs on their Facebook pages. Yes, I will ask complete strangers for stuff like that. You never know what will happen! And speaking of that.... hang on for my next post. It will knock your socks off!!

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