Monday, March 26, 2012

If I had a little bit more intelligence...

I would be dangerous. More so than I am now! Guess what I forgot to do last night? Draw a name for the prom tux giveaway! I can barely remember my own name nowadays, so I guess that isn't too surprising. and I'm not kidding about remembering my name. I had to spell it for someone the other day, and I said "t.r.a.c.i.kmmmph m.o.r.t.o.n. Used to spelling my email address, I suppose. But anyway, Debbie M of Ridgeway is the winner! This drawing was just for the locals, so we'll get something going in the next day or so for everyone, no matter where they live. We still have the iPod Touch giveaway going, through April 4th, so get your entries in! Donate, share on FB, or start following my blog for an entry.

I know my blog isn't the most eloquent or best put together. I wish I had a way of writing that many of my fellow bloggers and friends do. Check out the ones I'm following to see what I mean. Mine just doesn't hold a candle to theirs! But its ok, this is just me and we'll muddle through it together. I appreciate everyone that is following, commenting, everything, and especially those who have the boys in their prayers. They have sooo many people praying for them. I have a world clock app on my phone so I can easily remember what time it is there. I wonder what they are doing. I try to say a prayer for them around the time they are probably going to bed, and wish they were here so I could hear about their day. One of my most favorite parts of my day is having the kids come jump on the bed with me and talk about all kinds of stuff. I miss that with the older two who have moved out. One night all three of the girls were in my room with me, and I was reading Junie B Jones is Not a Crook to A, the youngest. If you haven't read this series, they are hilarious. They are about this little girl, Junie,B Jones and it follows her through kindergarten up through 2nd or 3rd grade so far. Well, we kept getting the giggles over the story. Junie B had some new mittens, and she was running around the playground showing everyone. This author, Barbara Park, has the funniest way of writing. So, A is trying to listen, K and C are both cracking up, I can't hardly read for laughing. Once A goes to bed, me and the two older girls (older teenage here!) keep reading to each other, waving our hands around like Junie is doing, tears just running down our faces. We get kinda really goofy around here. It's just fun. And I can't wait for the boys to be a part of it. I don't think we'll have to worry about the language barrier too much. And it's ok if at first they are laughing AT us instead of with us. We're used to it.

And another funny thing that my kids used to do. They don't do it so much anymore (which is a good thing to everyone around us) but it still cracks us up. Did you ever watch Mad TV? Remember Lorraine? She would go to the dentist, the store, wherever, and wind up saying UGHUGHUGH about 100 times during the skit. Well, B started doing it, and he would love to come up to us and do it right in our ear. Then the girls started it, all three of them. Then their friends did it. They even got some of my girl scouts doing it! just a stupid little family joke thing, but we love it.

As I sat here typing this, C came in and sat on my bed with me. She says hey to everyone! She's my hummingbird, the one who will come in and out fifteen times telling me goodnight, and going to her room, then back again to start it all over. Just like a hummingbird. lol. She's tall, about the same height as Sam, and I think they look a lot alike. She doesn't see it though. I can't wait to get a pic of the two of them together. Duncan reminds me so much of B, so I can't wait to see them together. They are both skinny as can be, but B is about 6 foot tall. I can't wait to see where their place in the family will be, what role they will fill. Will one of them take over as the head clown of our circus? lol.

Ok, enough rambling, or chasing squirrels as I call it. I have to get some sleep!! Good night to all, sweet dreams, and thank your for including the boys in your prayers.


  1. Just curious... how does one be enter in the contest...

    I donated and didn't relize one was going on... Also.. did you make the SUnday night goal of a $1,000? I was a bit late as in was about 2am my time when I did paypay... but I feel anything before sunup on Monday is still Sunday night....

  2. If you donated through the FSP, just need to let me know how much so I can calculate your entries. I can see who donates through the chip in. Thank you so much for the donation! We did make the FSP goal we were hoping for, and came very close on the chip in. Close is better than way less, so I was very happy to see it this morning!! :)

  3. Barbara Park is wonderful...and if you haven't read "Rose, Maxie and Earl--Partners in Grime" by her....YOU MUST!!!!

  4. Oh, my goodness. I am just thanking the Lord for you right now!! (this probably isn't the best post to write this comment, but it was most recent, so oh well!)
    I can't even verbalize how thankful I am to you for bringing Duncan and Samuel home!! I have been praying fervently for Duncan and advocating for him on my blog. My two brothers (we're fifteen--triplets) have Cerebral Palsy and so I felt an even bigger need for someone to bring him home! Y'all are a miraculous answer to prayer! It was incredible how many people we would see at church, activities, etc. who would come up to me and say they were praying for Duncan and the family who would adopt him. Please know that a lot of people in Arizona are praying for y'all as you bring home these two sweet boys!!
    My email address is
    I would love to talk with you! And if you have any questions on Cerebral Palsy, my mom would to talk with you as well.
    I am praying for all of your family! God bless you!