Friday, March 9, 2012

Vocabulary quiz for today

Quick, what does apostilled mean? Dossier? Don't know? I didn't either until a few weeks ago.

To apostille something means to get additional authentication for a document, like a marriage/birth certificate. It comes from the Greek French word for notation. Adoption papers have to be notarized AND apostilled. All these papers will then compile our dossier. A dossier is a "collection of papers giving detailed information about a particular person or subject." Also from the Greek French. (French for bundle of papers with labels on the back). We will have a very meticulous dossier compiled by the time we get ready to leave for EE.

It's killing me that Sam doesn't know anything about us. He doesn't know we had to scramble to find an agency who could get our homestudy done in time. He doesn't know about all the people praying for him, donating money to help bring him, doesn't know about the cool t-shirts we'll all be wearing (insert shameless plug for money here --> Jade green, with Team Sam on the front, soccer ball and Psalms 97:5 on the back, $15, order yours today!) in support for him. Doesn't know how much we already love him. Doesn't know Dave has already ripped out a wall to make his room bigger. He has no idea. He's in an orphanage, been there for years and years, possibly his entire life, and wants a family. Doesn't know his brother and sisters are anxiously waiting for him. (I'm sure the first thing Bubba will teach him in English is to call me old!) He doesn't know his oldest sister has been cleaning out her apartment, selling a lot of her clothes to help with his expenses. (another shameless plug --> Need any junior sizes small/med clothes? Aeropostle, Old Navy, Mossy Oak, lots more) Doesn't know his youngest sister has been drawing pics to try and sell for his expenses. Doesn't know we will move the world to get him home. I wish he knew.

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