Monday, March 5, 2012


Another thing about making this decision to adopt. IT.IS.TERRIFYING. There are so many things that could go wrong. Are we making the right decision? Who are we to say we are the best parents for these boys? What if we can't raise all the money we need to complete this? What if we don't get approved by the home study? What if that goes through, then we get over there and the boys have been transferred and we can't find them? What if we get there and the boys don't like us? These aren't little babies that will have lived with us for several years before realizing they are stuck with us? These are young men that will be adults in just a couple of years. And #2, with his physical disability, even though he is doing good, there can always be complications. I don't know much about CP, how can we know we we will be able to do everything he needs.

In other words, we feel just like brand new parents. This is exactly what we felt like when we found out we were expecting for the first time. All the doubts, the worries, the insecurities, it's normal. Still terrifying, but normal. And most parents don't know ahead of time if their child is born with some kind of special need. So, even with #2's CP, we do what every other parent does when they find out their child has been given a diagnosis. You read, you ask questions, you learn. And above all, PRAY.

Am I telling you all this, or am I telling myself? Umm, some of both, of course.

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