Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learning Who is in control

Murphy's law has been in full force around the Morton household this week. Nothing new there, I call it the Morton curse. lol. Yesterday the four of us (parents plus the two younger kids) went for our physicals. We need them for both the home study and for our dossier. Realized once we got there that my husband wouldn't be able to come back in 48 hours for the tb skin check, so he went ahead and left, rescheduling. The girls and I sat and waited and waited. Finally, they call us up to the front and tell us that Dave's insurance info was only showing him, and not the family. I called the insurance company, and found out we had NOT been added on back in January. As you know, we are having to RUSH to get everything done in time for Sam, so finding out we have no health insurance was very traumatizing. I immediately called the HR manager where Dave works, and as soon as she answered, I started crying. Couldn't hardly talk for sobbing into the phone - The insurance company says we aren't on Dave's policy and that means we have no insurance and if we can't get these physicals then we can't get Sam and I don't know what to do (crying and hiccuping all the way through). Well, bless her heart, she was so nice. She looked it up, verified that she had all the info (and that we had been paying it since January!), and said she would get to the bottom of it, but not to worry, she would fix it. I hung up, in complete panic mode, of course. Within 5 minutes she had called me back, found out the insurance company screwed up and was in the process of fixing it right then. Whew, catastrophe averted! It took forever for our physicals, maybe because all three of us had on our Team Sam shirts (shameless plug: have you ordered yours yet? They are so cool! Beautiful jade green color, and $9 from each one goes to the adoption fund) and had to tell everyone just who Sam was. I love this doctor's office, because they are very Christian oriented, and are soo nice! The nurses loved hearing all about our adoption and asked lots of questions. Altogether we were there four and a half hours!

And then today. Today was our home visit from our social worker (who I love! She's awesome!!) and it went really well, but not before Murphy's law kicked it's way in. The girls had taken my car to school today, and they called on the way home, the car had gotten a flat! My oldest daughter was at the house, so she left to go get them. We just left the car there until we were done with everything today. After the sw left, we headed into town to get some papers notarized. My friend who had planned to do them fell and cracked her ankle yesterday (keep her in your prayers please!) so we found someone else to do them. While we were there, my brother called. He drove by and saw my car sitting on the side of the road and stopped and changed my tire for me! By the time we finished our papers and got over there, he was done. He's so good like that, he'll do it for anyone (he has such a giving heart!).

So, a comedy of errors, but it all turned out. I call it Murphy's law, but really it is God showing us He is in control of this. Some days it takes things like this for me to remember that. He started us on this road, and He will be the One to stay in the driver's seat. I'm also trying to remember this for our fundraising. I haven't had internet (other than on my phone) for the last couple of days, so I haven't been able to do a lot. Our FSP donations seem to have stalled, and although we've had some donations/entries for our chip in iPod giveaway, it's not been what I had hoped. Don't forget that all donations to the FSP through early April will be matched if we can get to $2000! And I am extending the iPod giveaway until early April also. Please tell your friends, repost on FB if you don't mind, help us get the word out! God will provide, but He doesn't mind us being His hands and feet! :) Please continue to pray for us that things will go smoothly. I can deal with the minor irritations, as long as the important stuff gets done!!


  1. The Lord will carry you through all of this. I will help spread the word. Maybe you could do an iPad giveaway? My friends did one for their adoption and made over $2,000!! You are in my prayers!

  2. Just gave 5.00. We'll put it towards the touch but if you need an entry for the tux you can make that ours and we'll give it away if we should win it!! Looks like it ends at noon today? I'll go share once more on my Facebook too. I am trying to work out getting down there for that soccer match. All my tshirt orders have to wait a few more days ;) We are praying big things for you. I am already excited for more and more people in your community right there to realize what is going on so they can help you make easy work of this huge task. Your yesterday sounds ridiculous. I can only hope today will feel so much better no matter

  3. That's a good idea, Kara! I might see if we can work that out. We've been given several items to give away, and one of them is an Android 7 tablet. I think that's pretty close to an iPad. (close enough for me, anyway!) lol

    Thanks so much for all your support Karen. I know you are working hard for all the orphans, and Sam WILL know just how much you have helped him and the others.

  4. Hi

    I promise I'm not totally crazy, I live in the United Kingdom and am far to young to adopt, but I do spend an awful lot of time looking at Reeces Rainbow and praying for the older children and I was so delighted to see that Sam had found a family. I would love to order a Team Sam shirt and am completely willing to pay extra for shipping! :)

    My youth group at church have a 'person of the month' who we pray for, very often this 'person of the month' is a newly adopted child/new family/someone who is unwell - your family (and Sam) have been chosen by my youth group for the entire month of March (and a request has also been put in for April!) So please note the family of Christ in the UK is praying for you too.

    If I am able to order a Team Sam shirt and your willing to ship it to me, my email address is emilysweeney45 at hotmail dot com.

    Emily x