Thursday, March 22, 2012

urgent request (not for us)

Needed to take time out from our own fundraising to ask for prayers and help for another family. The Jenks family are in the process of adopting two sweet little ones from EE. They are much closer to their travel date, which is a wonderful thing, but they still are not fully funded. Please head over to and see if there is anything you can do to help them out. I know they would appreciate all prayers and financial support. You can also find their story at Reece's Rainbow to make a tax deductible donation.

When we first started the adoption process, I was not very familiar with it, but I knew great things were being done, in particular with some friends of mine and their blogs. They raised so much money for Bernadette in such a short amount of time. The actuality of it, for us, was overwhelming. We have received blog comments and emails from all over the U.S, Canada, and just this morning a very special one from the U.K. People we haven't met, and probably never will meet here on this earth, are coming together to help. People taking to heart God's message to help each other, care for orphans, and living a life of service to others. You all are a great example to me, and one that I am trying to emulate. We can talk all we want about how we love God, what's right or wrong with churches and Christians, but what matters is what we DO. And people are doing it!


  1. Thanks for adopting Sam, my husband and I were seriosly considering changing our paper work for him. I almost felt like Samuel's mother in the Bible hearing God's voice. Ok I did hear it. So happy he's got a mom. I will donate to your FSP to take advantage of that match. We will axiously await seeing him home. I hope that next year this month we will have Jeremy God and $ willing!

  2. Thank you! Will be praying for things to go smoothly for you all as well!! Is Jeremy on RR?

  3. Donated to them as well. Are they bringing home 1 or 2? I thought maybe two, but the donation box was only for one. At any rate, it's overwhelming how many are in need, and it felt paralyzing. So, after praying, God told me to respond, to every one. So, every time there is a request, I get to give! Yea! Maybe not a huge amount, but those mountains can be moved one stone at a time. Thanks for advocating for them.

  4. Every bit helps, and I know they will appreciate it so much!! They are adopting two!

  5. Jeremy got caught in the new SN list changes, so he is currently unavailable on RR and thus not posted until a little later. We are pretty bummed but will continue to pray and pursue until the very end