Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindle giveaway starts today!

We have had overwhelming success with the iPod Touch giveaway, and as a thank you I decided to start our Kindle giveaway early! Now through April 25th, donate or share to get entries to win this Kindle! And, if you enter before April 4th, you can get entries into BOTH drawings! You can specify when you donate through the chip-in if you would like all your entries to go to one or the other, or split between both. If you don't specify, it will go only towards the Kindle. $5 = 5 entries, $10 = $20, and $20 = 40 entries!! You can start following my blog to receive a free entry, or share my blog on your FB to receive an entry (1 per day on those, please, and be sure and either tag me or comment so I'll know to mark you down.)

And don't forget that our matching period is still going on over at our FSP at Reece's Rainbow. If you don't already know, we have had a generous donor to offer to match all donations, up through $2000, if we can hit it by April 4th. If you can, please help us out on that. We only have 5 days left, and still over $900 to go! All donations through Reece's Rainbow are tax deductible!


  1. I have that Kindle and just wanted to put a little plug in for how nice it is. It is so lightweight and easy to use. It is really relaxing too. It just lets you read. No getting distracted with the other 1000 things you might do on it. This lets you just go find a quiet place and -read your book-. I was totally anti e reader and I am a convert now : ) This is one piece of technology that will help you chill out and not keep getting sidetracked with the newest Angry Birds release--haha! Would make a great gift.

    We are praying for all of your efforts this weekend, Mortons. May your friends and neighbors join you in getting ready to welcome the boys home. As for the stew, I must admit that I still have worries about a freak Easter blizzard so people may want to stock up!

  2. Yeah, seems like I heard somewhere it may get REALLY cold next week, so a nice warm bowl of stew would hit the spot. hehe. I love it because i can pop the whole container in the microwave, grab some saltines, and supper is done!!

  3. I so much want you to get to $2000 for the matching funds! I added $35, and wish it could be 10x that. Praying!

  4. Thank you so much Carolyn!! We appreciate it soo much!!<3