Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Comedy of errors, episode 2

And it continues! We went today to get our tb skin test checked (all were fine, of course) but... the lab lost my youngest daughter's paper, so they had to redraw her blood again. Of course it was the 9 year old who is deathly afraid of needles. She did great though, she didn't even cry. She told me not to blab to everyone about how brave she was, so this is just between us, right? ;) And for some reason other daughter's shot record was missing all of her polio vaccines! I called the doctor's office where they had been done (not the one we go to anymore), and they informed me that her records were destroyed since she hasn't been in 7 years. Is that even legal???? Getting copy from the health department tomorrow, so praying that will finish up our medicals. Hubby still has to get his, we'll see how that goes!

We had a nice jump on funding today, thanks to two very generous blog readers, and also some to our FSP. Don't forget all matching funds through April 4th to our FSP will be matched, up to $2000. If you want to donate to the FSP for tax purposes, you can still be entered into the drawing. Just send me an email, or comment on the blog, with the amount so I'll know how many entries to put you in for. Let's see if we can get to $1000 by Sunday!! And don't forget that you can still be entered by just sharing the blog on your Facebook page. Let me know that you did so we can enter you into the drawing for the iPod Touch. Thanks to all who have enthusiastically supported us so far. It means so much to us!!


  1. I just donated through Paypal. I'm a mom of 6, 5 boys and a girl in Colorado. I am another one of the moms who took one look at Sam and felt within my soul he was my son. I immediately inquired about him to RR. I originally thought it was strange there are so many of us. I asked my husband for his insight, almost embarrassed to be "one of them" as it was clear that God chose you for his mother. Being the sweet man he is, he told me that a mother's heart is a gathering heart. We cannot see the pain and ignore it. His story is so compelling, and he looks so much like all of our families, that it was only natural. Weird no more... following with you as you bring your son and all of our hearts, home soon!
    With great expectation,

  2. Sam just has this inner light that I think speaks to all of us as moms. Someone had made the comment elsewhere that he was chosen because he was "cute" but that has nothing to do with it. Yes, he's a very handsome young man, and I know the girls here at our high school will be crazy over him, but there's something else about him that overpowers everything. I really believe God has something big planned for Sam when he gets here, and we are all just the means to get him here. I can't wait to see what that is! (And thank you so much for the donation!)