Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Laurel and Harmony and Marcus and Carter and ....

Recognize these names? We need to get their families to them! Laurel and Harmony have such little time left. Think about the typical teenage girls you know. How much time a day do they spend on their hair? I know C, my middle daughter who is not much older than them, can spend FOREVER in the bathroom drying and straightening her hair. If Laurel and Harmony don't find families, they will have their heads shaved when they go to the mental institution. Easier to control the lice that way. And that's the minor thing they will have to deal with it. Laurel, who is so intelligent, is just like any typical kid mentally. She just can't walk like we can. That was what really got to Dave about Duncan. It was bad enough knowing that Sam would be on the streets fending for himself, but at least he would have a chance. Duncan wouldn't have, if he stayed an orphan. He knew Duncan deserved so much more. He knew, as imperfect as we are, that we could be the parents Duncan needed. All the kids do, no matter what, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that just because one is mentally on age level and one isn't, a distinction should be made. It shouldn't. Not at all.

You may not feel equipped to adopt a child with special needs, such as Down's Syndrome. You may not feel equipped to handle one in a wheelchair. If you could, Marcus needs a home so badly. He reminds me so much of my friend's son. Could you handle one with a walker? Maybe Carter is the one for you. Look inside yourself and see what you can do. Sure, it's scary. But if you stay in your safe little world where nothing scares you, are you even living? What are you doing? Maybe it's time you took that leap of faith. If you keep hearing that small still voice, but are blocking it out, ask yourself why. I'm sure you can think of 15 different reasons why you can't adopt. Dave hit me with every one of them at first. But you only need one good reason TO do it. There's a kid that needs a family. That family could be you. And let me tell you, there is support out there like you wouldn't believe. I've had emails and comments from all over the U.S., Canada, and even the UK (hi Emily!!). Every  single one in support of what we are doing. Other adoptive parents have emailed me, offering their advice and ears. I've had at least three 15-year old girls offering their support. One has two brothers, both with CP, and she's willing to answer all my stupid questions. There are families in the process right now, who, although they are short on funds and need to raise money themselves, will focus on you and help you get started with your fundraising. You will have the resources and support you need. Reece's Rainbow has some of the best people out there to help you along the way. If you're wavering, and thinking you would really like to do it but are scared, stop thinking and just pray about it. You'll know what to do. Email me if you have questions. I'm not that smart, I don't have all the answers, but I DO have resources that can help, and I can send you to the right person.


  1. Beautiful post. I have been praying for Laurel, and will start praying for Carter, Harmony, and Marcus as well.
    My brothers, like Duncan, are not affected mentally at all. It's just their legs. And it breaks my heart that just because of that, all these kids' parents decided to abandon them.
    I will definitely repost your blog to my FB--so many people would be able to adopt these kids if only they leaped out on faith!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!
    (and by the way I'm sure your questions aren't stupid! :) )

  2. I know years ago parents were led to believe that if a child was physically handicapped in some way, they would be mentally also, and encouraged to give them up by the government. I'm so glad that isn't the case in most places and hope I live to see the day when it's not like that anywhere anymore.