Sunday, April 29, 2012

Llama Drama

Yesterday was the first annual Ridgeway Springfest, and it turned out great! Our sleepy knocked out on Ambien town got a very nice boost yesterday. By our very rough estimate, over 400 people turned out for our first festival. We had crafts, a local author signing his books (if you like VA history check out Tom Perry's website, super nice guy and a great author), several inflatable things for the kids for play on, a mini train ride for the kids, our local alpaca farm brought out several of their animals, some great food (I had the cuban sandwich, out of this world!!). It was chilly and cloudy all day, but everyone had fun anyway. We stayed so busy, we didn't get much time to take pics, but here's a few I grabbed with my phone.

Baby goats from Infinity Acres

This is Mambo the llama. He's a sweetheart, most of the time! He loves to nuzzle your face, giving you kisses. The 4-H kids love to hang out with him. At Springfest, the girls from 4-H, including my youngest, took turns leading him around, introducing him to people, many of whom had never seen a llama up close and personal. He was very well-behaved most of the day. At one point, though, something spooked him and he took off, getting away from the young girl who had been leading him. We all panicked and took off after him. R, the little girl, was just in tears. Not because she had gotten hurt, but because she was so afraid of getting in trouble. These kids learn very quickly in 4-H that your greatest responsibility is keeping the animals safe. She did everything she could, but if a 150 lb animal decides he's going to run, a 40 lb child can't really change his mind. He was caught quickly, by bribing him with food, no harm done at all, except to poor little R. She felt terrible about letting him get away, even though it wasn't her fault at all. She soon calmed down, after seeing that the adults were NOT mad at her.

I got to thinking about this later. When it happened, R was so upset thinking she had let someone down. They had given her a responsibility, and in her eyes, she failed. It was just an accident, and no one blamed her, but she didn't see it that way. Do we do that with God? When we screw up, do we really acknowledge the fact that we let God down? Do we stop to think that He is disappointed in us when we fail to do what He has commanded? This sweet girl took her responsibility very seriously. We need to take our Christian walk seriously. I think we get complacent, thinking that because we go to church, we say we love God, that everything's fine. God expects a lot from us, because He has given us a lot! (Luke 12:48). If you're reading this, you're probably sitting in front of a computer, in a house powered, heated and cooled with electricity, maybe with a snack beside you. Or you're on your internet capable phone. You and I have been given a lot, there's no doubt about it. What we are doing with what we have? I'm not talking about adoption here. I'm talking about living our lives for Christ, every aspect of our lives. I know I fail every single day. I don't study my Bible like I should, I don't help my brothers and sisters in Christ like I should. We were created in Christ for good works (Ephesian 2:10). Not to earn our way to heaven, don't get me wrong, but to do God's will. It's what He created us for! Do we even think about how He feels when we don't do what He has commanded? I'm not fussing at anyone except myself. I know how badly I fail at this every day. But maybe as you read this, it will help you too in your walk. Let's all be like R, and take our responsibilities seriously.

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