Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cookbooks and necklaces!

I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but here goes! We are going to do a cookbook - an e-book and a paper copy. We'll take submissions through the end of April. If you'd like to send a recipe, any category, email it to If you'd like it to be included, we'd love to have your name and city (first name and last initial is ok, if you don't want the whole thing posted, whatever you are comfortable with), and if you are an adoptive parent, we'd love to have the country you adopted from. I'll work out the price soon, but TENTATIVELY the e-book will be $5, and the paper copy will be $12.00. The paper copy price will depend on how many we need to order, so that's just a rough estimate for now. You don't have to put the recipe in Word or anything, unless you just want to, just type it out in the email and that's fine. Included in the book will be some facts about international adoption, possibly an overview of how different countries vary, why international adoption is so needed, and our own story of how we came to adopt.

 I'm also taking suggestions for names of the cookbook. Send me your suggestion, and the one we decide on will win a free copy of the book, either version you prefer.

The e-version will be available mid-May, and the paper version will be around the end of May. (again, will depend on all kind of variables, so don't hold me to anything concrete yet.)

Thanks to Jessica E of Ridgeway, VA who gave us the idea. She's getting a free copy of the cookbook!

Oh, and the necklace! I almost forgot that. A wonderful and talented friend has offered to help us with something else for our fundraising. She came up with a beautiful design for a necklace (how gorgeous is this!!)

We are selling these for $20, and contact me for shipping if you are out of town. The disk is actually made from a stainless steel guitar pick, and comes on a 24" chain. Check her out on Facebook at The Charmed Way for lots of other designs. She's super talented, also creates really cool knitted items. C has a sock monkey hat she knitted for her!

Also, check out and the beautiful bracelets they are selling. Also enter for a chance to win a super cute doll!

Ok, have I left out anything? Oh yeah, huge thanks to all who contributed to our FSP during the matching grant period. We made it to $1749, which will be turned into $3498! What a blessing! Lots of love to everyone who helped, I wish I could meet every one of you and thank you in person!!


  1. I don't know if the price will be better, but, you might consider setting the cookbook up on one of the print-on-demand sites like

    They have a lot of different options for books and, since it's print on demand, you won't have to order and store a whole bunch of cookbooks. People can order them off of lulu's website and all the charges and shipping are taken care of. You just collect the check.

    It might be a bit more expensive, but, it also might be worth it to save yourself some of the time.

    My husband has published many language learning books through lulu and create space so, if you decide to go that route and would like help, let me know.

  2. Cool, thanks! I will check it out. I've heard of them for regular books, but hadn't thought of them for something like this!

  3. I'm about to kick off a matching grant challenge. I hope it goes as well as yours did :) So, thankful the money is coming in quickly to get these boys home!

  4. how about "vista-prints"...i have my calendars done thru them....i'll try to get you some recipes to you the way..GREAT IDEA!!! luv u.....

  5. I checked and lulu has an actual cookbook option with sizes ranging from small squares to very large books.

    I love the bracelet and the necklace by the way! They both look great.

  6. Our Ladies Fellowship at church put together a cookbook fundraiser a while back and it did really well! The title was Taste & See.. that the Lord is good from Psalm 34:8 There are tons of great recipes in there, I'll send my favorites to you! Oh and we printed them through Morris Press Cookbooks. I don't remember how much they were but the site was super easy to use. I'd be happy to help you organize it all! Brooke K

  7. I sent out a Facebook call for recipes, if i get any good ones i'll pass them along :)