Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Half empty nest

Empty nest syndrome: general feeling of grief and loneliness when children move out. My nest is half empty now, with my oldest two having moved out. My son, just itching to be out from under mom and dad, and my oldest daughter, having gotten married last summer. Do I miss them being here? Absolutely. I wouldn't call it grief and loneliness, just boredom! My four are a very lively bunch, and when they are all together, it's chaos. The oldest three get along so good now (better than I ever would have dreamed), and they keep me laughing. They do still tend to pick on the youngest, who at 9, is way younger than them. She's learning to give it right back to them, and it's hilarious to see them all going at it. Some people say they wish their kids were little again, but not me. I'm having so much fun seeing them as the adults, and almost adults, that they are growing into. K, my oldest, has matured into a very mature, feisty, compassionate woman. She came down yesterday and we made a batch of strawberry jam together. (As my husband said, this little batch of jam will last us ten years.) Isn't it pretty?

Hope it tastes as good, we haven't tried it yet! Whether it is or not, the best thing about yesterday was just getting a chance to spend time with K, laughing and talking, just like two friends would. My mom has always been one of my best friends, and I love that K and I can be like that too. She is also just as passionate about adoption as I am. From the first day that I hit her with the idea of adopting, she was totally on board with it. Even now, she does everything she can to help other families that are adopting. She's even started her own blog to help advocate for orphans. Check it out at Rising Up for Orphans. And that's exactly what she has done. She has risen to the challenge, and is fighting for them. She shares so many of the children and adopting families on her FB, and she can reach a whole different audience. Younger people, in their twenties, who have plenty of time (and energy) to add to their family these kids who so desperately need a family. She's getting the word out about the need for families, teaching her friends what's going on. It's brought her (and me) closer to God, and closer to each other. Check out her blog, show her some love and encourage her as she fights with the rest of us to save these orphans.


  1. So very proud of all of you! Love you all! I did check out K.s blog. She does a great job of conveying her feelings. I know that it will help to get the word out about the precious little children.


  2. I can't wait to follow her blog! What another beautiful example of how everything happens for a reason.

  3. I can't wait to follow her blog! What another beautiful example of how everything happens for a reason.