Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing Them Home (1st Annual!)

Today was our Playing Them Home soccer fundraising event! We were blessed with beautiful weather, a great turnout, and just an overall great day! Where to even start to tell you about this incredible day??

 First, I guess, is to thank everyone who came out to help and support. The Rogers family came all the way from the other end of the state to support us, even though they are in the middle of something huge themselves! Berndadette/Jessica and Mason will soon be forever members of the Rogers family! It was sooo great to meet them! If you aren't familiar with them, you need to be - here's how! Meet the Rogers family. And we were also blessed with a special member of Team Sam, Tara Sartain! They are also in the process of adopting, and you really need to check out their site at They are doing a very unique fundraiser and getting in great shape at the same time! Enjoyed meeting both of these special ladies so much!

We had lots of things going on, including the kids and adults soccer games, a fun run for the kids, a 5k for the adults, some fun games for the kids (sack race, beanbag toss, hula hoop contest, etc), a bake sale, and we had t-shirts and other goodies for sale! Like I said, a LOT going on. One special thing we did was to set up a donation jar, and everyone who made at least a $5 donation was entered to win a $50 gift card. What we DIDN'T tell everyone was that the money in that jar would be going to the Rogers family! We surprised them with that before they left. It gets better though, and even Erika doesn't know this yet... She won! They had no idea it was for them, and they made a donation to it. So, surprise, Erika! I'll be putting that in the mail to you this week.

I was so happy to be a part of this event, and we hope to make it an annual event, to help various adopting families. We pulled this one together in about a month, so with 11 extra months to plan, we should be able to really do a great one next year. Will it be for YOUR family?

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  1. SO AWESOME!! Looks like it was a beautiful day to raise some money!