Friday, April 20, 2012

Great news about Laurel

Very happy to report that Laurel is on MFFM! (My family found me) She was running out of time, just like Sam and Duncan, but just like it says, HER.FAMILY.FOUND.HER! There are so many people that have been praying for her and advocating for her, and we are all rejoicing for her and her family tonight. The joy we have has to be like the joy the angels have when someone comes to the Lord. She was lost, but now she's found! (yeah, I'm not so great with the analogies, but you get the picture!) Can't wait to "meet" her family on the FSP page. With her aging out so soon, there's not much time to fundraise. I have no idea if they will need to or not, but let's all make sure they get a boost as soon as their FSP is up. Whether it's needed for fees, or if we can just leave them with more money for her some new clothes, things for her very own room, and all the other things a sweet sixteen year old girl needs, let's shower them with love! What a wonderful birthday this will be for her!


  1. YES YES YES!!! OH thank you for sharing!! I have been praying for her!!!!! God is so good!!!

  2. Can't wait to see who her family is :) So excited to see the "older" kids being chosen! God is faithful!

  3. I am also so happy to see the older kids being chosen, and hopeful for more!