Wednesday, April 4, 2012

iPod Winner, and matching grant ends tonight!!

Congratulations to Alex A, the winner of the iPod Touch drawing! Altogether, we had over 600 entries into the drawing! There has been over $700 donated to our chip in during the drawing, and we can't begin to express our gratitude.

I have always loved to enter contests and giveaways. For a long time, I wondered if people really won those things. My friend P and I entered every day at work, we had it down to a science, and we both won several things! So I became a believer, and would get so excited when I got an email saying I had won.

Well, that was fun, but I've found something even more fun; being the one to send out that email telling someone they are a winner! I loved doing that! We are working on putting together more prizes to give away, so if you have suggestions, please comment and let me know!

Huge thanks to our donor who offered the iPod Touch to use for a giveaway. That was so incredibly generous, and we feel so blessed. And speaking of donors, tonight is the very last night for our matching grant on Reece's Rainbow! Right now we are $446 away from meeting the maximum amount that will be matched, which is $2000. I am really hoping we can meet that goal by the time I check in the morning! And remember, that is tax deductible (and if you will comment and let me know you contributed there, I'll still put your name in the drawing for the Kindle!)

Again, we appreciate so much all the prayers, emails, comments and encouragement we are receiving from every direction. None of it is taken for granted, and I always seem to get an encouraging email just when I need it. I love hearing from everyone, and I am saving each and every email to show the boys when they get home so they can see just how much they are cared about.


  1. Sorry I waited until the last minute. I've been meaning to donate but I'm a procrastinator. :)

    I put $100 into your family grant at Reece's Rainbow. The email address for my paypal account is jadenyu at yahoo dot com.

    I'll be praying that you get the rest of the money needed for the matching grant tonight!

  2. Oh my gosh, I hope I snuck in in time! It is still Wednesday night in my time zone!!