Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leaping lizards Batman!

I did it! Figured out how to put additional pages on my blog, check them out! ^. Figured we needed an easy way to see the giveaways, and also wanted to list the items (and pics soon) of items we have available for purchase. I used to be quite a bit more computer literate than I am now, so this was a pretty cool accomplishment for me.

No big words of wisdom tonight (not that there are that many coming from me anyway!) My youngest, A, performed with her class at the 58th Annual Rotary concert thingy. I guess it's pretty bad I've lived here for 39 years and have never heard of it until now, huh? Anyway, several of the county's elementary classes performed. I'll be honest, since A doesn't read my blog... I despise the school functions like this. PTA programs, concerts, all that stuff. I know that's bad. Some of you are thinking, what a horrible mother! Who doesn't like to go watch their child perform in public? I love watching A, don't get me wrong. I loved listening to C's concerts when she was in choir. I love hearing high school concert bands play. I think it's just the thought of having to sit there and just watch. I'm slightly ADD, and very fidgety. I can't stand to just sit and do nothing. My friend P used to get so irritated with me at work, I was constantly clicking an ink pen, ruffling papers, anything to MOVE. Church doesn't do this to me, as I can follow along with the verses and be participating. So, as I was unsuccessfully trying to concentrate tonight at the concert, I kept thinking that there should be some way I could find something inspirational about it and work it into the blog for a really moving post. Nope, nothing. So when A's group wasn't singing, me and K were playing "Draw Something" on our phones.

Yes, I'm one of those. The kind other mothers look at and wonder how my children survive their childhood. I forget to sign the daily planners, I lose permission forms, A shows up to school on picture day looking like she slept UNDER the bed. (I hate to see this year's spring pictures, she had them made a few weeks ago. We remembered 5 minutes before the bus that it was picture day.) She looked really cute tonight though, if that helps any! We tamed the wild hair and actually found a white dress to wear so she matched the others. I hate doing homework. Someone seriously accused me once of not loving my child enough because I posted on FB how I hate doing homework with her. Really? I didn't know that was a requirement to being a great mom, getting ecstatic over math problems. She gets frustrated, I get frustrated trying to explain, we're both ready to pull our hair out. But I love sitting and coloring with her, watching her draw her fashion designs, playing jokes on each other, listening to her talk about her day. Does that redeem me any? lol. Oh, and we A made an awesome science fair project. She made her own bouncy ball! And turned it on time, even!

Don't get me wrong. I admire moms who always have their kids perfectly groomed and prepared for the day. Bedtimes on a schedule, playdates and birthday parties planned out. It's great. It's just not me. Apologies to my elementary school teachers, who always marked my report cards with things like " unorganized", "uses time wisely", etc. I never got any better. But my kids are happy, so I think that counts for something. They act like they love me. (Or maybe it's really called "don't upset the crazy lady of the house"). Our way wouldn't work for lots of people. But it works for us. And it's gonna get a lot crazier. I can't wait.

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  1. My mom was just
    Ike you. I had a great childhood and while I do things differently than she did, in the end all that matters is that you love them! Keep up the good work. My kids adore you!
    Cathy G.