Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick - help the Rhodes family!

The Rhodes family (click here) has received a matching grant, but it must be done by midnight tomorrow night (Friday the 6th!) They are so close to being fully funded, and if we can all help them out with a few bucks, we can get the last of their fundraising efforts knocked out tonight! If you aren't familiar with them, you can check out Mandy's blog right here and get to know them.

I just met Mandy about a month ago, when we first were trying to commit to Sam. We have several mutual friends, and I had been keeping up with their adoption progress, in the way that most people do. As in "oh that's great that they want to do this, I wish I had extra money to help out", while not really comprehending just what they were doing. Once God smacked me in the head with Sam, (well, that's what it felt like, really!!) I totally got it. They weren't just doing something kind and generous, opening their hearts and home to two orphans, they were living and breathing God's word every single day, and being great examples. Mandy and I first talked on the phone, for a long time, and I liked her immediately. Once we committed to Sam, she was a huge help to me! We just finally met in person last weekend. She is one of those truly unique people that lives her conviction to Christ, it just shines around her. She calmed me down and kept me from going off the deep end several times. I don't think she knows just how much she has helped me. I have four friends who I call my "Team Sam". Kristin, the one I can be completely honest with and puts up with my whining, Chandres, who answers my 100 stupid questions a day and gives me great ideas, Tonya, my cheerleader (ever perky, I told her one time I didn't trust people who were as perky as she is all the time! lol), and then there's Mandy. Mandy keeps me on the straight and narrow, doesn't let me lose focus of the true purpose of what we should all be doing.

Joseph and Samuel, and her homegrown kids, are truly blessed to be called her children. Please help them out, keep them in your prayers, and check out her blog and let her know how much she is loved!

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  1. Aww...Traci. What a nice way to start my day :) I am so blessed by the love and support from my friends. I'm thankful for each one God has added to our lives on this journey to our sons. I do hope when people look this way they see Jesus in me, because He's the only one worth looking at. I love you, friend!