Thursday, April 26, 2012

So many to help!

First, non adoption related gripe. I hate this new look to blogger! I don't deal well with technology change, so this stinks!

Ok, got that out of the way. I want to use my blog to help other families. There are so many that need help fundraising, need prayers, need prizes to give away. A quick note about that to those who are unfamiliar. You might wonder how families who need to fundraise can give away such cool stuff. Most of the time, these prizes are donated by other families who want to help. Some families will fundraise with a particular prize in  mind, and then buy the prize out of the money raised. This is ok, but it cuts into their money raised of course. So families REALLY appreciate items donated to them. You have no idea how much! Do you have a rebate gift card coming from upgrading your cell phone? How about donating it to a family? Get a safety award from work that you really don't need? Families can use almost anything new. Gift certificates/cards to national brands, you name it, we can find a use for it!

The first family is the one closest to my heart, the Pickett family. I met Chandres through Girl Scouts about a year ago, and she is very special to me! They are adopting Cullen and Katrin from Eastern Europe. I can't wait to have Katrin join our GS troop, she will be a blessing to all of her sister girl scouts. They have a HUGE giveaway going on right now at their blog Upcycled Purpose. Their immediate need is close to $3000. Chandres has been such a great Christian example to me, and you just need to go read her blog!

Another one dear to me is the Quinn family. They are adopting Autumn (Donna on RR), and will be traveling in a few short months. They are short about $10,000! A sweet friend of theirs has helped organize a giveaway for them, you can find it here: Quinn giveaway.

I've just read on another blog about the Reed family. They are adopting two boys, will be traveling soon, and still need about $2000. But the cool thing is, they have a matching grant for $800 that starts this afternoon and runs for just 24 hours. Let's all pull together and get them funded. If $800 gets donated, it will be doubled to $1600, which will still leave $400. We can make that happen easily though, right? Go check them out here Reed matching grant and also read about their amazing and large, 15 kids!!! family! If they can step out in faith, why can't we??

How about winning a Kindle Fire? Who wants to do that, besides me?? Find out how at Our Journey to Eli.

The Sheffield family is hosting a giveaway to help bring their Vinnie home by giving away a Miche bag. This goes through May 7th, and has very few entries so far.

Oh, and one more: The Cooper family is bringing home beautiful little Harper. She needs medical attention as she gets home, so let's help get them funded! Harper deserves every chance at a happy and healthy life, to be a girl scout and do all the fun things girls her ago do. They need to go soon to get her, and still have a mountain to move with funding. Please please please help them!

I could go on and on, but I don't want any of them to get lost in the crowd. I'll list others very often, and if you know of a family that needs a spotlight on them, let me know and I'll do all I can to help!


  1. oh my gosh I hate the new blogger too!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it's horrible!

    Love your blog post as always :)

  2. Make that three of us! I'm sticking to the old Blogger interface as long as I can. Thank you SO MUCH for advocating for Harper and our family, and for all the families trying to raise funds to bring home their angels! ♥

  3. thank you for the blog post to help us bring Vinnie home! <3

  4. New blogger stinks! This is so awesome what you are doing for all these families!! What a blessing it is to have each other's support! God bless!