Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, grandma, mother in law, and all you other great moms out there! I know I've been blessed beyond belief with my family. My mom has always been such a great example of a mom and Christian to me. I wish I could be as patient with my kids as she was with me growing up. My mother in law is more of a second mom to me. She's treated me like her own since the day I met her, and such a beautiful person, inside and out. 

My own kids have been so great to me today. My youngest, 9-year old A, made me breakfast in bed this morning. Bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit, all done completely by her. (I love that my girls all love to cook!) She also got sick at church with a stomach virus, so we had to leave about the time the sermon started. I'm waiting and hoping she hasn't also shared THAT with me today! Yikes! (She is feeling some better, here's hoping the worst has passed!)

When we got to church, my oldest, Kacey, had brought me some beautiful flowers and 2 giant Reese's cups. She knows how I love my peanut butter!

C, my middle daughter, has promised me something "even more awesome than the other two, as soon as she figures out what that is". Everyone usually wants to know, what did your husband get you for Mother's Day? Well, his response is "she's not my mom, why I would get her anything". hahaha Hopefully he did get her something today, they were spending the day together.

Right now, there are moms all over the country (and world) trying their best to bring home their children from orphanages around the world. These moms don't call themselves heros or anything special. They don't see themselves as doing anything noble or courageous. They just saw their child's picture, recognized them as their son or daughter, and knew they would do whatever it takes to get them home. If you can, check out these moms and see if you can do something to help them bring their kids home.

Auction to bring Autumn home (If you live in the southern CA area, there are LOTS of cool local prizes to be won, in addition to items that can be shipped.) This is for the Quinn family.

Auction to save Sydney and Lucien (If this link doesn't work, just go to Facebook and search for "auction to save Syndey and Lucien) And you can go to Reece's Rainbow to get to their personal blog.

Auction for Jaxon (again, if link doesn't work, just go to FB and search for it.) This is for the Jaco family. Ok this one won't cooperate with me, it's the "Online auction for Heaven and Berkeley listed on Reece's Rainbow". The Barlow family would appreciate any and all help!

The Rogers family is very dear to my heart, such a special family, and there are two great things going on with them right now. First is the FB auction, Rogers' Family Adoption Auction, and also some great giveaways directly on a blog being done by their friends at Our Adoption Story.

And last, but not least, the one closest to me, is the doll adoption for the Pickett family. Chandres is making some adorable dolls to auction off. Here's the first one, just sold this weekend! Too cute!

Ok, so please check them all out, see if there is something you'd like to win to help out one of these very deserving families. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty sweet mothers day, hope your sweetheart is feeling much better soon and you didn't catch anything. Thankyou so much for sharing our auction. Just seeing it there made me tear up. God bless you!