Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday adventure, part 1

For my 42nd birthday, I decided I wanted to go camping with my friends. I'll skip all the details of the drama leading up to it, it's all about trailer lights and wiring and whatnot. Long story short, my dad came through again. See this post about how awesome my dad is anyway. So, I'm here at Jellystone Campground in Natural Bridge for the weekend with my youngest, A, and our friends. This is the first time I've been here, and it is beautiful! I could have kicked myself for forgetting my camera, so all pics were taken with my phone. Not the best quality, but it will have to do:

There is a creek that runs directly behind one area of campsites. I mean like 5 feet behind it. If you like hearing the water, ask for the lower section near the creek. (Not that great in the morning when you have go to potty and the bathhouse is ALL THE WAY at the top of the hill)

Early morning on the James River. And for my friends who will not believe I am capable of getting up early on vacation, here's proof that it can happen. (see above note for a reason on WHY I was up that early though!) How gorgeous is this?

This was my spot for a while today. Watching the kids play and reading my book. Exactly what I wanted to do! While the James River is a very FAST moving river, the campground has cemented a slight embankment and the kids could safely play there.

The sites are nice and easy to get into. If I can back a camper in these spots, I would say anyone could. Very proud of myself for getting it backed in less than 5 minutes. (I can squeeze in a lot of tries in 5 minutes though! lol)

So last night I put together a yummy breakfast casserole in the crockpot and let it cook overnight. It smelled delicious when I woke up!

 It was so good too! I managed to screw it up, of course, by forgetting to add the milk to the eggs before pouring it over. I realized it as soon as I poured the eggs. I knew there was no way that could be right. So I just poured the milk over top and hoped it would be ok. It was! I wouldn't recommend doing it that way, but it fixed it! It makes a ton, so I will heat the rest up tomorrow morning. I have the stuff to make a brown sugar french toast in the crock pot too, so I will put that together tomorrow night.

Today was just a day of relaxing, watching A play in the pool and at the river, reading. Yogi, Cindi and  Boo Boo came around this evening!

Tonight we had dessert before and after supper. I'm on vacation, so yes, I had dessert first! Homemade peach ice cream, and I had brought some Girl Scout Shout Out cookies (my favorite, no matter what my friend Kristin says!) They went together perfectly!

And after hamburgers on the grill, we had s'mores. Can't camp without them! (inserting another shameless plug for Girl Scout cookies here - Thanks A Lot cookies are perfect for S'mores! Fudge coated bottoms have just the right amount of chocolate. Here's my friend's son enjoying his:
So now that you know EVERY minute of what I did today... I'm going to bed to be rested up for my birthday tomorrow!! Not sure what we will do, maybe tie-dying t-shirts here at the campground, finding some antique stores, who knows!


  1. So, if you've got 5 minutes, I wouldn't mind reading your breakfast casserole and french toast crock pot recipes... they sound delicious!

  2. The link to the breakfast casserole is here, if it worked! If not let me know and I'll post the recipe. I'll post a link to the other one tomorrow. It's on my pinterest if you want to check it out there!

  3. Yes! Got it, thanks! (This is what happens when I read blogs with a reader... the links don't always show up!) But once I came directly here, it was there! =) And it looks yummy!