Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick matching grant for the Rogers!

The Rogers family is on their way to finally go meet Bernadette and Mason! Some news superquick! There is a matching $450 grant opening up tonight for the Rogers! It will run through midnight, August 1st, so anything you can donate will be doubled. They still need about $3000 to be considered fully funded, and it would be so awesome to be able to tell them to relax, enjoy their new son and daughter, and not to worry about how they pay for the remainder of their expenses! If you can donate $10, it will be doubled and pay for two meals for the kids on the way home. If you can donate $50, it will be doubled and you'll be paying for a night's rent. Let's get them fully funded and I'll quit bugging you about them. (But then I will start nagging you about the Rhodes family. Check out Mandy's blog for some exciting news there!

 I am so blessed, and very honored, to be caring for the Rogers kids while their parents are away. It's a huge responsibility, but such a special one. We had always wanted eight kids, so with my youngest plus their seven, I'm finding out just what that is like. A just loves their daughter Madison, and asked me yesterday, "where have they been all my life?". They have so much in common and I can see them being friends for a very long time!!

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