Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An orphan, a verse, and a recipe (Turkey Piccata)

Since it's obvious my blog has an identity crisis ( I don't always have one exact theme in mind for my blog, not that you would have noticed that, of course not), I may as well just embrace it. So, for today, here's three things that I love. Orphans, the Bible, and food! (Not necessarily in that order, but I have to make you wait for the food to make sure you read all of it. Yeah, I'm sneaky that way. But be warned. I am no professional in the kitchen. Unless hamburger helper counts.  This is not the work of one of those super foodie bloggers who create amazing dishes.)

First, the orphan (or in today's case, two!) As I've mentioned several times before, I can't wait to see Bernadette and Mason home! Their family is very special to me, and they will be traveling soon. Let's help get them funded. If you can spare $5, it will make a huge difference to them.I have 74 followers (not that everyone reads every day, but if each one could give $5, that would be $370. That would be enough for their meals for a couple of weeks while they are there! Or a week's worth of lodging. It makes a difference, it really does. How cute are they?