Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm an old old lady...

because I now have a daughter who is 21! Happy birthday Kacey!!! My kids will tell you I was old long before today though. It's so hard to imagine that she is the age now that I was when I had her! As much as I can't wait for a grandbaby, the thought of her being a mommy right now just doesn't seem right, she's still a baby. Although I know she will make a great one when the time comes.

It's someone else's birthday today too. A sweet boy in EE, who probably doesn't know that he has a family coming soon for him. We were amazed when we found out that he shares his birthday with K. While he won't be coming here to live, he will always be K's birthday buddy and so special to all of us. How about showing some love for  Duncan and his family by sending a birthday donation to their FSP?

And one more thought today, not birthday related. Please keep Katie John and her family in your prayers. You may remember I had posted about her a few weeks ago, the near tragedy and miraculous recovery of her cardiac arrest. While physically she's doing great now ( praise the Lord for that!), her health history now means that they can't proceed with Jack's adoption. My heart breaks for her. It's hard beyond words to plan for a child and then not be able to proceed. Please keep her family in your prayers as they struggle with this grief, and you can go here to show her some love! (for those wondering, another family has stepped up for Jack. The Johns are grateful that he will not be left stuck in an orphanage.)

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