Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My two favorite RR kids

UPDATE!!! Not long after I did this blog post (like within a couple of hours!) Dayna showed up on My Family Found Me! So happy for her family!!! It takes a while for a child to show up on that part of the website, so that means her family has been working on this for probably a few weeks. I am just tickled to death, and if her family does a blog, I will be sure and link to it so we can all follow her journey home and help out with fundraisers!

There are two children on Reece's Rainbow that really tug at my heart. Right now it's not possible for me to adopt them, but I would in a heartbeat if I could! Please take a look at both of these adorable kids and see if your heart isn't also affected. They both are in a country that is extremely expensive, but it's just money. I've seen so many amazing things happen, financial mountains melt when God's people step forward, so don't let that intimidate you for a second!! And WHEN Archie and Dayna do find their families, I will do everything I can to help fundraise, and so will lots of others.

Enough talking. Just look at their pics and that will mean far more than anything I could possibly say:

This is Archie. I've been blessed to see other pics of him, and as cute as this one is, it doesn't even do him justice. He just turned 4 in July, which unfortunately means he will be transferred to a mental institution soon, if he hasn't been already. Four year old boys don't deserve to live spend their lives in a place like that, because it's not living. Four year old boys need to be playing on the swingset, playing ball, chasing the dog around the yard, snuggling with Daddy watching a football game. Not lying in a crib with no one to love him. Want to see more Archie? Here's a link to a video, so you can see more of his adorable smile!

And sweet Dayna

Dayna is 3. I've also seen a video of her, and she is just smiling and laughing. Look at that short hair! She needs a  mommy to grow it out and put some cute bows in it!

If you want more info on either of them, just click their name and link back to Reece's Rainbow. I can also put you in touch with people that can give you more details. Please help me find their mommy and daddy!!


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